Lent 2018

All Holy Week Services listed here – Holy Week and Easter Services 2018

#A list of all Lent activities in this parish are available in – Keeping a Holy Lent 2018

Lent starts with Ash Wednesday which this year is the 14th February. 
Ash Wednesday is a ’Holy Day of Obligation’ – that means it is a day we should come to church and pray together! If you can’t make a service here, look at what time services are on near where you work.

Lent is not a time to make yourself miserable. Often we can be encouraged to think that the season of Lent is all about people giving up their favourite treats with the thought that in doing so we will lose some weight and get a little healthier.  For some of us it is also associated with often rather dreary Lent Groups and study, additional services and soul searching.   Neither approach really does justice to the wonderful opportunity of the 40 days that run from Ash Wednesday to Easter Eve (Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, and ends on Easter Eve, the forty days comprising the intervening weekdays, as Sundays do not count!) You find a guide to Lent by reading – Lent – Keeping it HOly 2018

Personal Reflection— 40 bags in 40 days
In 2017  we are inviting one another once again to take part in 40 bags in 40 daysIt is a process which allows us to reflect on what is necessary in our lives..- where we focus on cleaning one area per day. In this one area you challenge yourself to declutter, simplify, decrapify, and get rid of things you don’t need. The goal is one bag a day but you can have more or less.  It doesn’t need to just be material things, it could be emails or issues or even concerns.  The idea is to remove in a small way each day during Lent those things which distract us from faith and living a whole life.

Start small—bag size may vary.  Maybe choose one draw or activity you are going to clear, rather than a whole room.  Allow what you choose to inform your prayer life—what does our clutter tell us about our relationship with God?  How might God inform our living in the days ahead?


There is also a suggestion about fasting, and about charitable giving.  In 2018 we are also supporting the Bishop of London’s  Lent Appeal.  

Bishop Pete writes:

I am delighted that we are launching the Diocese of London Homelessness Appeal in advance of our annual Lent Appeal for 2018. We’re doing this earlier than usual because the issue of homelessness is so obvious and apparent at this time of the year. Please help by considering this as part of your Advent and Christmas giving.

The level of homelessness across London is a scandal, and the contribution of churches and partner organisations is vital as statutory authorities struggle to cope. It’s wonderful to see the way in which this issue has been championed by local churches, and the many practical responses across the city and diocese.

More information can viewed here: https://www.london.anglican.org/mission/homelessness-appeal/


Our collection at special services during Lent, as well as retiring offerings during Holy Week will go to this appeal.

Above all we would like you to be joyful, to remember that as members of the Church God calls us into a relationship with our Creator which is fresh and full of life and hope. Wishing you a happy and holy Lent.

 Opportunities During Lent 2018  – Lent activities Poster 2018

14th February 2018 –   Ash Wednesday
Is the start of Lent and in one of the most important days in the church calendar.  Traditionally Ash Wednesday has been seen as a Holy Day of Obligation—a day when we make every effort to go to church.  Our main service on Ash Wednesday is at 7.30pm at St Anne’s.  The service will include the imposition of ashes.  There will also be a Said Mass with imposition of ash at 8.30am at St Anne’s.
If you are unable to make this service, there will be lots of Ash Wednesday service during the day within the city of London.

Stations of the Cross 2018
Stations of the Cross is traditionally a series of meditations which follow through the story of the last hours of Jesus life. The 14 stations  follow Jesus journey generally focusing on images, as well as listening to the story.  Each station ends with a prayer.  Meditation on the stations will take place on  Sunday 18th February and 25th March at 5 pm at St Anne’s. 

Lent Retreat
This year on Saturday 3rd March we will have a Quiet Day/Retreat  at St Anne’s.  There will be focused meditation and reflection as well as much silence. We will start at 9.30—4pm. A simple lunch will be provided.  Please sign up in church. Cost £5

The Rosary
On Wednesday evenings during Lent, starting on the 21st February  we will pray the Rosary using the ‘Sorrowful Mysteries’ as a focus for our prayers and meditations, prior to Mass on a Wednesday evening at 7pm.






  • Services

    Daily Services in Trinity Chapel

    Morning Prayer

    (a short service of psalms, readings and intercessions to start the day) followed by coffee for those who can stay.
    8.30am   each day of the week (accept Tuesday when Mass is said)

    12noon each day the Angelus is rung – please pray with us.

    Said Eucharist
    8.30am Tuesday

    Informal Eucharist
    7.30pm Wednesday in Trinity Chapel
    After this service you are invited to share in a drink with us.

    Quiet Prayer
    7pm Wednesday in Trinity Chapel prior to Mass.

    Evening Prayer
    (a short service of psalms, readings and intercessions to end the day).
    6pm on Tuesday and Thursday
    7pm Wednesday – Silent Prayer prior to Mass

    Sunday Services

    8.30.a.m. Morning Prayer in Trinity Chapel
    9.30.a.m. Sung Eucharist with Sunday School