Stewardship 2018

Each year we are invited to reflect on our financial giving to the church. It is something that we need to review every year, like all our finances.  Our Stewardship is part of our Mission Planning and is a necessary part of responsible church life. How and what we give to the church makes a huge difference to what we can undertake as a congregation. We are responsible for raising ALL that we need for our Mission!

For more details read Standing Order flyer – St Anne’s – 2016   

(ignore the date on the flyer – form is unchange in 2018)

To gift aid your giving please ensure you have completed the gift aid form –Gift Aid Pledge Form 2016

For details to set up a Standing Order please email the office and we can provide you with the details.

Capital Vision 2020 and our Mission Plan

At the end of 2015 we re-visited our Mission Action Plan and relaunched it on the Feast of Candlemas – 31st January 2016. Our current plan takes us through to the end of 2018 when we will review again. 

You can read the sermon which launches are our new plan here. 

Please take time to read through our new revised – Mission Action Plan – January 2016


We are working on being:

Ambassadors for Christ ( you can read our story)  http://www.ambassadors2020.org/blog/ambassadors-st-annes-brondesbury/
Part of our Mission Action Plan, and our part in the Diocese 2020 Vision is to nurture one another in daily faith.  As we know most of our life does not take place in Church, but in our homes and work place.  This is part of our faith, and part of what we are called to do.  During Epiphany and Lent we will be thinking about how we can support one another in the ministry we each have.  As part of the this we would like to invite members of the congregation to share how their faith helps them in work or family or even retirement.

Each week we are inviting a member of the congregation to answer 3 questions:
1. What were you doing at 10am on Friday morning
and who were you with?

  1. How was it different from what you do on other
  2. How does your faith inform/support/nurture what you do
    when you are not at church?

You can find out more about ambassadors at Ambassadors2020


St Anne’s  launched it’s  2020 Mission Action Plan in December 2013.

You can read it on this link – MAP – Sept 2013 – Short Version.

We were inspired by the resource  provided to us by Capital Vision 2020 which invites us to be Confident, Compassionate and Creative as we serve God and the people of London.  

You can hear some of story which informs this by viewing the Launch of Capital Vision 2020

You may be inspired to consider how you can be involved as you watch How to be part of the story?

In the first year of our plan we have achieved many of our goals, we are currently focusing on our discipleship.





  • Services

    Daily Services in Trinity Chapel

    Morning Prayer

    (a short service of psalms, readings and intercessions to start the day) followed by coffee for those who can stay.
    8.30am   each day of the week (accept Tuesday when Mass is said)

    12noon each day the Angelus is rung – please pray with us.

    Said Eucharist
    8.30am Tuesday

    Informal Eucharist
    7.30pm Wednesday in Trinity Chapel
    After this service you are invited to share in a drink with us.

    Quiet Prayer
    7pm Wednesday in Trinity Chapel prior to Mass.

    Evening Prayer
    (a short service of psalms, readings and intercessions to end the day).
    6pm on Tuesday and Thursday
    7pm Wednesday – Silent Prayer prior to Mass

    Sunday Services

    8.30.a.m. Morning Prayer in Trinity Chapel
    9.30.a.m. Sung Eucharist with Sunday School