Praying together

Prayer is at the heart of our relationship with God and it vital to our Christian faith. We are called to pray without ceasing.  The foundation of all Christian life is and has to be prayer.  This is simply because being a Christian is about being a person in a relationship with God, and prayer is the conversation that helps us develop and strengthen that relationship.

Pray every day.  Work out your own way of doing so, and your own pattern and amount of time.  Simply pray your thanks, pray for others and the world, for yourself and to be silent before God.  Like any relationship sometimes you will need to tell God things, , sometimes you will be too tired or sad to do anything else but sigh with God, and we also need to make space in our prayer to listen to what God is saying to us.  However you pray – make time for it daily. Take time to reflect on the blessings of your life and be thankful.

Prayers for the parish

From 7-7.30pm each Wednesday evening the chapel will be open to pray for growth and life of our parish.  Please feel free to join us.  Wherever you are at that time each Wednesday, could you please take a moment to pray for St Anne’s and that others will join us.

A form of prayers can be viewed here – Dedicated prayers for the Parish of St Anne


At St Anne’s please join with us as we pray each morning at 8.30am,
Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm  and at
7pm on Wednesday evening.

  • Services

    Daily Services in Trinity Chapel

    Morning Prayer

    (a short service of psalms, readings and intercessions to start the day) followed by coffee for those who can stay.
    8.30am   each day of the week (accept Tuesday when Mass is said)

    12noon each day the Angelus is rung – please pray with us.

    Said Eucharist
    8.30am Tuesday

    Informal Eucharist
    7.30pm Wednesday in Trinity Chapel
    After this service you are invited to share in a drink with us.

    Quiet Prayer
    7pm Wednesday in Trinity Chapel prior to Mass.

    Evening Prayer
    (a short service of psalms, readings and intercessions to end the day).
    6pm on Tuesday and Thursday
    7pm Wednesday – Silent Prayer prior to Mass

    Sunday Services

    8.30.a.m. Morning Prayer in Trinity Chapel
    9.30.a.m. Sung Eucharist with Sunday School